A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire

Lust for Life embodied in dance


A jazz infused, twisted dance theatre experience based on the play by Tennessee Williams.

The enigmatic DEKKADANCERS brings in bold director/choreographer Arthur Pita to re-interpret this classic 1947 Tennessee Williams play as a full out sweaty, jazz infused, twisted dance theatre experience. Set in New Orleans in the intense summer heat, the journey of desire and conflict ride the fast track. Blanche DuBois, a former southern belle, unexpectedly visits her estranged sister Stella and alluring husband Stanley. Blanche’s fragile world begins to fracture as Stanley stalks closer to the truth. Through vibrant choreography, song and an enticing cast, we get transported to a time when reality and illusion collide. 

Pita brings in his regular collaborators, composer Frank Moon and designer Yann Seabra. Together they plunge deep into this physical, psychological and yearning masterpiece.  


“DEKKADANCERS is a prominent dance company. They significantly influence the development of contemporary dance and dance theatre as well as undoubtedly the taste of the audience in a wider context. People simply go to see the “DEKKAs” – they are well known. That’s no small thing. (…) All the performers dance the jazzy swing step material with great ease and mastery. The unflagging energy and high professionalism of each of the performers may have exceeded even the director’s expectations.”

– Marcela Benoni, Taneční aktuality


“Superb performances in all roles – from the excellent Klára Jelínková in the main role of Blanche, who combines the statuesque elegance of a high-society lady with understated gestures, naiveté, feigned carefreeness and a type of vulgarity, while in reality these displays are meant to cover her inner fragility; to Patrik Čermák as the boorish Neanderthal Stanley, who with the same vigour ridicules Blanche, beats a wall, passionately throws himself at Stella and with abandon wolfs down cake; Ondřej Vinklát as Mitch, who appears naïve at first but then chills us with his transformation as he finally becomes indifferent (or did we, like Blanche, project onto Mitch something which was never there?) to the outstanding Natalia Metodijeva, who portrays the added character of Celestine, a blind girl.”

– Zuzana Rafajová, Opera+


“The primary strength of this production is the excellent cast and solid portrayal of each character. The DEKKADANCERS hold nothing back – they give every dance their all.

– Roman Vašek, Divadelní Noviny


Audiences are advised that sexual and violent scenes are present in the performance. For artistic reasons, tobacco products and stroboscopic light effect are also used. 

Direction and choreography

Arthur Pita

Music and Sound Design

Frank Moon

Set and Costume Design

Yann Seabra

Based on the play by

Tennessee Williams


Pavel Knolle, Tereza Baschová

PR & marketing

Zuzana Hošková, Hynek Toman


Pavel Hejný, Serghei Gherciu, Jakub Červenka 


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80 min. / suitable from 12 years / no language barrier

Premiere: 7. 11. 2023 




Blanche DuBois

Klára Jelínková

Stanley Kowalski

Štěpán Pechar 

Stella Kowalski

Eliška Jirsová 

Harold ‘Mitch’ Mitchell

Ondřej Vinklát

Allan Grey

Albert Kaše


Natalia Metodijeva

Steve Hubbel

Patrik Čermák

Eunice Hubbel

Tereza Kučerová