Zuzana Hošková

PR & marketing manager

Zuzana started cooperating with DEKKADANCERS in 2021. She provides public relations, marketing, takes care of social networks and also of an ten-year recrued dog Adela. She got acquainted with dance and physical theater at the Jatka78 theater, where Zuzana and Adela spent 3 (human) years and 21 (dogs) years together. Zuzana held the position of head of PR & marketing and Adéla became happiness manager. Although she was relatively tongue-tied as a child, before the exodus to the circus, Zuzana was the spokesperson and head of communications of the Czech Chamber of Architects. From 2021 she decided to fulfill her big dream and started working as a freelancer. Under the storylover.cz brand, she focuses mainly on cultural and socially responsible PR. She chooses projects that make sense to her and where the energy put into them returns to her like a boomerang. And to help spread awareness of the most progressive (and funniest!) Czech dance ensemble is undoubtedly one such project.