Štěpán Benyovszký

Director & dramaturgist

He started with theater and creative writing in the Prague iconic (or obscure) ensemble Cabaret Caligula (for example, Jan Hus: Resurrection or PanzerFaust). In the end, he found commercial use of writing in advertising. When it comes to theatre, he cooperates only with ensembles close to his heart, especially DEKKADANCERS, where he had prepared his directorial debut Caves and Creatures (Nová scéna, 2014). Other gems from the joint workshop are, for example, the performance The Last Supper, A.I. or HornyBach. With colleagues from DEKKADANCERS, he also helped to prepare premieres for theaters in Pilsen (Transformation, Princess with a Golden Star), České Budějovice (Elixir), and Liberec (Mašíngun Brothers). Apart from DEKKADANCERS, he collaborated, for example, with Petr Zuska on the ballet Rádio Svobodná Bystrouška (South Bohemian Theater) or with the new circus ensemble VOSA on the open-air performance C’est la Wheel. Looking back on his activities so far, he usually doesn’t admit that he first started acting as one of the boys’ gang in the series We Were a Handful. He earned valuable experience and a beating from a Czech acting legend.