Jiří Pokorný is presenting a new dance production for DEKKADANCERS titled ‘and’ – on the proximity and distance between us. It portrays our social environment as a collapsing system in which relationships falter and perish.

Solitude can mean hitting reset, a new beginning, independence and strength. Being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely. But we do become lonely when we stop seeing ourselves as part of a whole – no man is an island.

‘and’ is the ideal symbol for connection. It represents unity or a place in which we can discover entirely new horizons in forging interpersonal relationships. It unifies the contradictions of our lives and leads us to a higher state of mutual understanding, because the meaning of ‘and’ is common to all without exception.


“ You think because you understand ‘ONE’ 

You must also understand ‘TWO’ 

Because one and one make ‘TWO’

But you must also understand AND “ 

– Rúmí

Jiří Pokorný (1981) is currently one of the most prominant Czech dancers, choreographers, and teachers to have made a name for themselves abroad. As a performer he worked at the Nederlands Dans Theater under the directorship of Jiří Kylián and later continued his career with Crystal Pite and her company KIDD Pivot. He is one of only elite few to have gained Pite’s confidence to stage and present her choreography to select ensembles. The creator of a series of acclaimed dance productions, Pokorný returns to collaborate with DEKKADANCERS ten years after making his debut for the ensemble with the piece Černé mraky nepláčou (Black Clouds Don’t Cry).

Choreography and concept 

Jiří Pokorný 


Davidson Jaconello 


Ondřej Vinklát
Tereza Kučerová
Patrik Čermák
Nela Štarková
Florian Garcia
Natalia Metodijeva
Albert Kaše
Adriana Štefaňáková

Set design and costumes

Jiří Pokorný in collaboration with Pavel Knolle

Light design

Lukáš Brinda


Tereza Baschová, Pavel Knolle

PR & marketing

Zuzana Hošková, Hynek Toman

More information

70 min. / suitable from 10 years / no spoken language

Premiere: 31. 10. 2024