Stabat Mater

Stabat Mater

A captivating evening with the music of Marco Rosano


DEKKADANCERS have always tried to find distinctive shapes in their colorful dramaturgy – from choreographic miniatures, through composed evenings with one dramaturgical line, to feature-length performances mixing various theatrical means. The effort to combine humor and exaggeration with bitter positions, and thus reflect the unpredictability of life, has always been present in their work.

For DEKKADANCERS, Stabat Mater is a step back to the roots: Capturing an idea and painting its images purely through movement.

Stabat Mater, depicting the pain of the Virgin Mary under the cross of Christ is one of the most attractive spiritual models, which has attracted countless composers of various musical styles and epochs. The Italian contemporary composer Marco Rosano undertook this task in a fascinating way, whose composition was fantastically immortalized on the record by countertenor Andreas Scholl. In addition, Rosano supplemented his work Stabat Mater with contrasting expressive musical surfaces that catalyze the spiritual theme into a new form.

The choreography Stabat Mater was composed for the Lípa Musica music festival. The premiere took place on October 7, 2021 at the Municipal Theater in Děčín.

“The choreography works with small accents and little contractions. Its sparing with concrete gestures; religious symbolism is really suppressed to an absolute minimum. It is a sign of true artistic growth when the creators manage to stay in the metaphor like this and are not carried away towards illustration.”

– Opera+


Marco Rosano

Singing (from the record)

Andreas Scholl

Concept & dramaturgy

Ondřej Vinklát


Ondřej Vinklát
Štěpán Pechar

Set & costume design

Pavel Knolle
Ondřej Vinklát

Light design

Daniel Tesař

Original cast

Nikol Šneiderová
Ondřej Vinklát
Štěpán Pechar

Lenght & more info

37 min. / suitable from 12 years / no spoken language

Premiere: 7. 10. 2021