Arthur Pita for DEKKADANCERS: Premiere 7/11!

Lust for Life embodied in dance


A jazz infused, twisted dance theatre experience based on the play by Tennessee Williams

The enigmatic DEKKADANCERS brings in bold director/choreographer Arthur Pita to re-interpret this classic 1947 Tennessee Williams play as a full out sweaty, jazz infused, twisted dance theatre experience. Set in New Orleans in the intense summer heat, the journey of desire and conflict ride the fast track. Blanche DuBois, a former southern belle, unexpectedly visits her estranged sister Stella and alluring husband Stanley. Blanche’s fragile world begins to fracture as Stanley stalks closer to the truth. Through vibrant choreography, song and an enticing cast, we get transported to a time when reality and illusion collide.

Pita brings in his regular collaborators, composer Frank Moon and designer Yann Seabra. Together they plunge deep into this physical, psychological and yearning masterpiece.

“I was looking for a powerful narrative. A story that was well known, accessible, grown up and iconic. I have always loved “A Streetcar Named Desire”, and I have been thinking about a dance theatre production for years. There have been a few ballet productions, but not a contemporary dance theatre production. With DEKKADANCERS, it seemed like a perfect opportunity, the approach of the company, the cast of dancers, the hunger for dance and theatre. Ultimately, this fascinating play provides a visceral human journey which is exciting for the performers to possess and the audience to experience.“

– Arthur Pita, choreographer and director

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