The Man From Malta

The Man From Malta

One man show, stand-up, dance, drawings and more!


An evening imitating stand-up comedy style accompanied by dance and drawing, shows how far we go in the name of entertainment, teaches teenagers how to start a business by drawing nudes and gives women advice on how to tame alpha males.

Writer & director

Štěpán Pechar

Assistant director

Pavel Knolle
Ondřej Vinklát


Štěpán Pechar

Assistant choreographer

Ondřej Vinklát

Original cast

Štěpán Pechar


Štěpán Pechar

Set & costume design

Pavel Knolle

Light design

Karel Šimek

Camera & edit

Marco Chiodi

Music (existing records):

AC/DC, Rone, Mozart, Darkside, Queen, System of a Down

Text references

Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Jimmy Carr: Jokes for the Bedroom, Jim Jefferies: Freedumb, Louis C.K.: 2017, Jerry Seinfeld: 24 Hours To Kill, William Shakespeare: Sonet 66 (translation by Martin Hilský)


Pavel Hejný
Milan Jaroš
Serghei Gherciu

Created with the support of

Museum Montanelli & Prof. Dadja Altenburg Kohl
The City of Prague
The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Length & more info

80 min. / suitable from 16 years / in Czech

Premiere: 30. 5. 2021