The Man From Malta

The Man From Malta

One man show – stand-up, dance, drawings and more!


An evening imitating stand-up comedy style accompanied by dance and drawing, shows how far we are willing to go in the name of entertainment, teaches teenagers how to start a business by drawing nudes and gives women advice on how to tame alpha males. The Man from Malta is a play on words and at times also a personal story of Štěpán Pechar, who is not only the sole performer, but also directed the show and created a unique choreography, which completes the individual scenes and sketches.

“The strength of The Man from Malta lies in the openness, the loudness, with which Pechar confronted demons such as power, sex, porn, money, and male supremacy. He just might have confronted himself as well. He put himself out there not only through his story, but also through his numerous talents, including his dance talent.”

– Taneční aktuality


“I would recommend The Man from Malta as a textbook on the art of stand-up comedy.”

– Divadelní noviny

Writer & director

Štěpán Pechar

Assistant director

Pavel Knolle
Ondřej Vinklát


Štěpán Pechar

Assistant choreographer

Ondřej Vinklát

Original cast

Štěpán Pechar


Štěpán Pechar

Set & costume design

Pavel Knolle

Light design

Karel Šimek

Camera & edit

Marco Chiodi

Music (existing records):

AC/DC, Rone, Mozart, Darkside, Queen, System of a Down

Text references

Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Jimmy Carr: Jokes for the Bedroom, Jim Jefferies: Freedumb, Louis C.K.: 2017, Jerry Seinfeld: 24 Hours To Kill, William Shakespeare: Sonet 66 (translation by Martin Hilský)


Pavel Hejný
Milan Jaroš
Serghei Gherciu

Created with the support of

Museum Montanelli & Prof. Dadja Altenburg Kohl
The City of Prague
The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Length & more info

80 min. / suitable from 16 years / in Czech

Premiere: 30. 5. 2021