Kniha džunglí

The Jungle Book

The unusual cultural adventure for viewers of all ages is back!


„The journey following the stories of the jungle has inspired new longing and determination. Our eyes have now grown accustomed to the dark corners of the jungle, but neither do they shirk the bright midday sunshine, revealing the wild beauty under the treetops. We shall go back to the place we have already visited before at a moment of sparkling happiness, but it shall be like the first time. We have to go back. Music, sounds, movement, sweet scents and wildly beautiful images all disappear and re-emerge in front of our eyes. We cannot resist the colourful world of the Jungle Book with its celebration of friendship, theatre, and life under the big top. What we have hoped for has not let us down. We want to revisit and relive it.”

– Matěj Forman


Until December 31, 2022, tickets are sold at a reduced price.


The Jungle Book was sold out way before the opening night in May 2022. This series of showings will be a unique opportunity to see this show, acclaimed both by critics and viewers.

This dance-and-music rendition of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel The Jungle Book was created by the composer Marko Ivanović and stage designer Matěj Forman. The show choreographed by Štěpán Pechar, with Andrea Sodomková’s costume design, was made in collaboration with the Forman Brothers Theatre, DEKKADANCERS and the Czech Philharmonic.


„Forman, who has also designed the set, has simply managed to capture the atmosphere of an Indian jungle. Semi-darkness and mystery: that is the world which envelopes the viewer from the very start of the show. And it may remind him of the magical worlds of our silver-screen masters Karel Zeman or Jiří Trnka.”
– Tomáš Šťástka, MF DNES


„Ivanović’s score grabs the audience from the first sparkle of dawn in the jungle. His musical language combines, freely and playfully, Eastern and European inspirations with jazz, classical music, and folklore features. The Czech Philharmonic musicians play it with great mastery, insight, and obvious pleasure.”
– Radmila Hrdinová, Právo


„Andrea Sodomková’s costumes and masks are an important narrative feature. They have been made with such craft and artistry that they themselves tell part of the story and speak of the animals’ characters. (…) In combination with Štěpán Pechar’s choreography, the masked performers from DEKKADANCERS bring an irresistible spectacle.”
– Kateřina Korychová, Deník N


„Despite music and dance being the sole guides of the plot, everything was fully comprehensible. After ‘Mythologia’, inspired by Durell’s ‘The Talking Parcel’, ‘The Jungle Book’ is another fantastic show by the Forman-Ivanović duo. The fact that on the opening night there was not a single ticket to buy for all the twenty three showings of the season proves that the audience recognizes the tried-and-tested brand.”
– Barbora Prokopová,


Rudyard Kipling


Matěj Forman
Marko Ivanović


Marko Ivanović

Directing & set design

Matěj Forman


Štěpán Pechar

Masks & costumes

Andrea Sodomková

Poster author & artistic collaboration

Josef Sodomka

Light design

Jan Dőrner

Sound design

Philippe Leforestier


Michaela Blažková / Andrea Rysová / Petr Veverka


Vladislav Borovka / Vojtěch Jouza / Jiří Zelba


Jan Brabec / Jan Mach / Petr Sinkule


Jaroslav Kubita / Martin Petrák / Ondřej Šindelář

French horn

Jindřich Kolář / Mikuláš Koska / Hana Sapáková


Walter Hofbauer / Stanislav Masaryk


Lukáš Besuch / Robert Kozánek / Lukáš Moťka / Jan Perný


Jakub Chmelař / Karel Malimánek

Timpani and percussion

Ladislav Bilan / Miroslav Kejmar / Vít Matyska / Šimon Veselý

First violin

Marcel Kozánek / Helena Skopová

Second violin

Viktor Mazáček / Ondřej Skopový / Libor Vilímec


Pavel Hořejší / Jiří Poslední


Jan Holeňa / Tomáš Hostička / Jan Keller


Tomáš Karpíšek / Jiří Vopálka

Poem translations & dramaturgical collaboration

Radek Malý



Original cast

Alexander Sadirov
Alžběta Tichá
Ariadni Niki Toumpeki
Florian Garcia
Filippo Nannucci
Ifigenia Konstantina Toumpeki
Juliette Jean
Jonáš Janků
Nikol Šneiderová
Ondřej Vinklát
Sanusi Taofik Ayomide
Michal Pribylinec
Mirek Kosík
Tereza Kučerová
Jaroslava Janečková

Lenght & more info

80 min. / suitable from 6 years / in Czech

Premiere: 7. 6. 2022