⭐️ PREMIERE La Dolce Vita: Chill. Freedom. Streetstyle.

The first premiere of 2024


New to our repertoire from April 2024 will be a production inspired by the stories of homeless people, choreographed and directed by Štěpán Pechar and co-directed by Štěpán Benyovszký. The premiere will take a place on 9th April in the theatre Jatka78. 


An indomitable band of homeless people go head to head with a severe winter season. They join forces and strive to survive. Can they fish out reason from the sea of alcohol? Can they purchase redemption with empty pockets? And as the winter grows harsher, will they convince us as well as themselves in time, that they are people, just like others, with a fate that can meet anyone, with lives that are worth saving?

Join DEKKADANCERS as we support those experiencing homelessness!

The creativity of DEKKA’s works is boundless, as is our desire to help others. We’ve set aside 8 benefit tickets in the first row of each performance of La Dolce Vita – 100% of the proceeds from the sale of those tickets will be divided equally among The Salvation Army (Armáda spásy), Nový Prostorand Pragulic.

The Salvation Army will use donations to purchase “Nocleženka”, vouchers which allow those experiencing homelessness to sleep in a warm place, because winter without a roof over your head is particularly cold. Nový Prostor plans to employ the funds to support its day centre and programs for social rehabilitation of those experiencing homelessness. Gifts to Pragulic will go toward public transportation passes for their guides Míra, Karel and Karim as well as to support the independent living expenses of other co-workers.